Advantages of Using an Online Video Platform (OVP)

Video has been one of the main tools in companies’ marketing and sales departments: 81% of them use this format for their marketing strategies, reflecting a trend with great acceptance in the market. This is due to the fact that audiovisual content generates dynamic communication, whereas other formats have more difficulty in penetrating.

Despite the benefits of video marketing, there are some difficulties that need to be overcome in order to make the most of its benefits. Platforms that facilitate the transmission of audiovisual content, such as YouTube and social networks, do not allow us to have full control over various aspects that could harm the brand.

An example is the recommendation of other content for the user, which may lead to competitor videos, criticism of the brand itself or other links that are unrelated to your communication strategy.

That’s why we selected 8 reasons that reinforce the importance of an online platform for your company. 

8 Reasons to have Online Video Platform

1. Allows better organization in the video library

Common video platforms allow for some library management, but an enterprise video platform gives you complete control. We can decide when and to whom to show the content and store it for future reuse without losing quality.

2. Facilitates internal communication

The online video platform for commercial use is not only used for external purposes, but also seeks to strengthen internal communication channels. We can use this tool to record and store meetings, planning and training that the work team will have access to.

3. You can control the security level

When developing internal or external communication strategies, it is essential to be able to define how to manage information security. Some examples are: Intellectual property content, information related to legal cases, business plans and contracts, passwords, and Employee Personal Information.

The business video platform allows you to generate access passwords for different levels, geographic restrictions and HTTPS encryption, preventing unauthorized people from accessing valuable, often confidential, content and information.

4. You retain copyright

Many general purpose video platforms – or video hosting platforms – acquire copyrights or force us to assign them to the public domain. If we wish to exercise our right to intellectual property of content, it is essential to have our own OVP.

5. Improves streaming quality

Video hosting platforms often serve content to large audiences, which doesn’t always allow for the best streaming. By having your own business video platform, your company has a specialized service that also allows you to segment viewers with a focus on quality.

6. Avoid crowd dispersion

As mentioned above, one of the problems presented by video platforms like YouTube or social networks in general is the recommendation of other content. It is common for these suggestions to be from the competition or unrelated to the product, causing the public to move away from what is being offered.

As we can see, having a business video platform allows you to expand the use of audiovisual content to another level. This doesn’t mean we should stop broadcasting through commonly used channels, but we can decide when we should do so.

7 – Avoid competitors or inappropriate advertising

A business online video platform has the advantage of allowing control over the audiovisual material they distribute. This way, competitors or inappropriate advertising is avoided.

8 – Insertion of own or partner advertising 

It is possible to add your own advertising, which translates into a completely personalized service and offers users only content that meets the company’s needs.

As we can see, having a Video Platform for a company allows you to expand the use of audiovisual content to another level. This does not mean that we should stop broadcasting through the most used channels, but that we can decide when we should do so, without becoming dependent. 

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