AKA.MS/REMOTECONNECT ERROR in Microsoft is very common. Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the internet. Millions of internet users are playing this amazing title. There may be some issues with the remote connection function. If you are having problems logging in, please try to fix it We will discuss the Microsoft Minecraft issue in detail. When there is a login error, an error link is displayed on the screen.

It is a common problem that everyone faces at least once. This guide describes the service in detail.

What is error?

The aka-ms/remoteconnect error is common when trying to get a Microsoft account. Minecraft recently switched to the Microsoft platform. The platform has tons of amazing services. A great game for those who enjoy making things.

This error usually occurs on PS4, Nintendo, and other consoles. You can also face this problem on your computer. In this guide, we will try to solve the problem through various solutions.

What is the cause of the problem of

There are several possible reasons you might face this problem. Some of the most common reasons are:

1. Change device

Minecraft is offering its users a cross-play service. This means that users can use one account on all platforms. A simple yet effective way to play on your device. Changing the device may not have any effect. Users may face login issues. The problem can be caused by a flaw in the software. The main reason for this common problem is a device change.

2. Corrupted game data

Game files play an important role for many users. Corrupted game data will cause a lot of trouble. This can be an issue on all platforms.

The device allows you to determine the type of data issue. For PC users, this problem can be easily solved. Reinstalling can be a quick fix, but it’s not suitable for the long term Sometimes even the save file can get corrupted. I’m having some issues opening the progress map. We recommend that you make regular backups.

These are the two main reasons users face Microsoft Minecraft issues. This can be a long-term problem if not corrected immediately. This process is very simple for users.

How to fix

In this section, we will see how to fix the error. Our guide will provide you with a quick and easy solution to this problem. There are various ways to solve this problem.

1. Crossplay Problems

Fixing the crossplay issue is very simple. You can follow the steps below. It will help to provide you with an amazing gaming experience. Here are the steps to easily start crossplay on your device.

Xbox Crossplay:

Users who have Minecraft on their Xbox device can download it from the official store. Starting the game on another device is an important step. Users must have the Minecraft game on Xbox One or Xbox 360 to play via Remote Play.

  • To receive the remote play code, users must visit the following link: You can check it in your Xbox browser. The site displays the code for the Play To feature. Users need to set up and run a Microsoft account. Users must log in with their free Microsoft account on this website. Required on Xbox.
  • Starting remote play on your device is very easy. We recommend that you visit the following link. Please visit this link on the device you want to use the Play To feature. You must have a Microsoft account to use this amazing feature. Log in through our free account or create a new one.
  • Users must enter a remote play code that can be redeemed on the Xbox screen. Enter this code to load the Minecraft game directly from the website.

Remarkable! Action steps for starting and running a remote function. We hope that the problem you are facing with our website has been resolved. Works perfectly in Microsoft Minecraft.

2. PS4

For PS4, the steps are very similar for XBOX devices. Here are the steps to fix the error on the platform.

  • The user’s first step is to visit the PS4 store. You can use it by clicking on the download option here. Download the Minecraft game to your device. Users must have the paid version of the game on at least one device. Only then can you try out the remote play function.
  • The PS4 version of the game gives you the option to log in using your Microsoft account. Click on this option and log in via your email and password. At the end of the process you can get the remote connection data.
  • Users can easily save codes on PS4. Running the remote play function is mandatory. Recommended for anyone who wants to play on multiple devices. Try it on your computer or mobile device. Visit the Remote Connections website to troubleshoot the issue.

3. Save File Problems

Save file issues are a common problem for console users. This issue can be easily fixed on your device. Here are some guidelines you should try:

  • Your device’s storage settings will provide you with the information you need. For PS4 users, it’s very simple. You need to visit the gear icon and select your storage space. The save file is available here. Very similar to XBOX users.
  • Corrupted save files are a huge problem for those who want to use the Play To feature. You can delete these files and start from scratch. We recommend that you prepare a backup for your content-ready users.

After removing the save file, you can use the remote connection function again. It is perfect for your everyday needs.


The error is very common for many users. We hope our article can answer all your questions. The answers to common questions vary.

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