All that you need to know about the Verizon Speed Test!

The Verizon Speed Test is essentially a test for bandwidth and internet connectivity which the Verizon service recommends to all their clients using FiOS high-speed internet.

If you are also a Verizon FiOS client, then you can test your bandwidth strength using the famous Verizon Speed Test which is the most effective way to go ahead if you wish to know about the details of Mbps or Gbps numbers on the bill that you get at the end of the month. If Verizon is not your Internet Service Provider, then it will not be prudent to use the Verizon Speed Test. Read this article to know everything you about the Verizon Speed Test and its accuracy.

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How does the Verizon Speed Test works?

Verison Speed Test, How this works

Verizon utilizes the OOKLA software, which is the platform that is used by many other internet speed tests hence the following process may sound familiar if you have been using other internet speed tests:

  1. Access this website You will not be required to sign in to your Verizon account; in fact you don’t even have to own an account to run this test.
  2. Then press the button for Get started. Give it some time to load.
  3. Then you need to wait for the Download Test and Upload Test to finish their process, this will take almost a minute.

To run this test, Verizon basically sends and then receives any piece of data from your internet-connected device after which some calculations are done to calculate the speed of your internet in Mbps.

When all the tests are done, a summary page will pop open. On this page, you will be shown the results for download and upload speed. You must keep a record of them if you wish to tests your internet speed on a regular basis and especially if you ever wish to present your case to Verizon to complain about slow speeds.

When to opt for the Verizon Speed Test?

The Verizon FiOS speed test will only be fruitful if you are a client of Verizon and when you are not searching for the “real world” test. The Verizon Speed Test is perfect if you wish to make sure that you are receiving the bandwidth from Verizon that you are paying for however something you may not know is that the bandwidth you are paying for may not be what you receive when streaming movies on Netflix or while downloading something.

If you are still unsure whether to use the Verizon FiOS Speed Test or not then there are other options to test your internet speed as well hence keep visiting our website for more services like this.

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