All that you need to know about the SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test!

SpeedOf.Me Internet Test

SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test is a speed test that operates in a unique manner than other internet speed tests that you may have been using, which definitely is a beneficial aspect for many users.

The other conventional internet speed tests make use of Java and Flash to run their tests however this isn’t the case with SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test instead checks bandwidth strength using HTML5 directly from the web browser rather than accessing any third-party plugins hence making the test more accurate.

The biggest perk of the SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test is that it operates on all the web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari etc hence allowing you to run bandwidth tests on your laptop, cell phones, PC, and other devices.

The Pros and Cons of the SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test

Before you opt for the SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test, you must get an overview about its perks and drawbacks which are summarized below:


  • The software is not heavy hence runs smoothly
  • Automatically selects the best servers for testing
  • They have more than 80 servers based in 5 countries
  • The generated results can be saved in form of an image or a PDF format file and can then be shared
  • Operates on HTML5 instead of Java or Flash
  • Can operate on both computer and mobile phones
  • Keeps a detailed history of all the test results
  • Has the ability of downloading a detailed speed report


  • The user interface is not that graphically appealing as that of other speed tests
  • You cannot change the unit of numbers in which test results are generated
  • You cannot register for any account to keep result histories for longer than anticipated

A Quick Review on SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test

SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test is one of the most user friendly tests out in the market even if you have no knowledge on the hardware of your network or bandwidth tests, you will still be able to run this test like a pro. It is so easy that all you have to do is click on the Start Test button and allow the results to appear. That’s it!

Many internet speed services run their bandwidth tests by downloading a small packet of data and then they extrapolate the findings to generate bandwidth results for the uploading and downloading of files. However SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test is different because it tests your network connection with large chunks of data till they take more than 8 seconds to finish.

Moreover, the heavy contiguous data samples reflect that the bandwidth results are closely integrated with a real browsing experience where documents aren’t downloaded in chunks but all at once.

SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test runs the test for download first and then the upload tests and when the results are displayed, you can switch the test on or off to focus on one aspect. When you save these results, you will be given a copy of the graphical charts which means that you will only be able to print the download results if you wish to.

However folks, you must know that not everything about SpeedOf.Me Internet Speed Test is colorful for instance there is no option for creating a user account to keep a track record of previous tests hence if you wish to save your results over a larger span of time then you will have to download all test results on your PC.

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