How Long Does It Take To Get $10 On MistPlay?

If you have seen ads for the app called Mistplay telling you that you can make real money on it, but you are not sure how it works. Then worry not; read this article to find the answers to all your questions. You must know that Mistplay is one of the legit apps where you can spend your spare time and make money.

So you’re probably wondering how long it takes to make $10 on this app; well, you must know that everyone has their own journey, and it can either take you a couple of hours or maybe days to make this much. Read this article to find out how much time it takes for you to make $10.

What is Mistplay?

Mist play is a popular app that allows players to play games as well as earn points that can easily be exchanged for gift cards.

Users can pick from a selection of available games, look through local specials, interact with other users, as well as, of course, receive rewards just for playing free games. It is also worth mentioning that players have the chance to earn more money the longer they play.

There are also a lot of games on the Mistplayapp that will assure you win real money. You can even visit this website to find legit games to play and win points and real money instantly.

How do you earn Mistplay points?

Various games will “pay” different sums or have various requirements before awarding you points. These requirements could include achieving a particular level or continuing to play for a fixed amount of time. To optimize your earnings, read the offers carefully before you begin to play.

•      Mist play Units

You will gain points, known as Units, while you play a game. Only when you are actively playing the game will you be able to acquire these Units. This implies that you cannot simply leave the app open and anticipate earning money when you return.

You should also be aware that the Units granted are susceptible to change at any time, so it’s possible that when you return to the same game later in the day, you’ll find that your earnings have decreased.

•      Mist play GXP

Your game experience Points (GXP) will increase the more you play. In short, these GXPs represent your Mist play level in that game.

You might get a little more confused, but you must know that GXP has a lot more to do with how long you play the game instead of how well you play the game.

It is also worth mentioning that the more GXP you have in a game, the more PXP as well as Units you’ll get while playing.

•      Mist play PXP

PSPs, also known as Player Experience Points, are used in the Mist play app to rank users. With greater PXPs, you’ll earn more GXPs per minute as well as gain more control over things like your app avatar and so on. You also get more Units when you “level up” in PSPs.

What is the difference between GXP, Units, and PXP?

Units are points that can be exchanged for rewards. These serve as the in-game money. Game Experience Points, however, are referred to as GXP. Each game begins with you at GXP Level 1. You gain more GXP and move up in GXP levels as you play the game longer. Units plus PXP are both awarded when you reach a new GXP level.

Player Experience Points, on the other hand, are another term for currency. While you have a different GXP level for every game, your Misplay account only has one PXP level, which starts at PXP Level 1 when you initially download the program. When you reach a new PXP level, playing games in Mist play allows you to gain more GXP and, therefore, more units.

How can you redeem Mistplay points?

You can exchange your Units for Tango Card gift cards once you’ve accumulated a particular quantity. Gift cards from different shops, as well as credits for exclusive games, are examples of redemptions. Here are some retailers that accept gift cards:

  •       Amazon
  •       eBay
  •       Visa
  •       Google Play
  •       GameStop
  •       Starbucks
  •       Xbox
  •       Nintendo

Can Mistplay Points be redeemed for money or through PayPal?

Unfortunately, services like PayPal do not allow you to pay out your points in cash. You can only use your profits to purchase in-app credits as well as gift cards.

What Is The Value Of Mistplay Units?

Each Mistplay unit is worth between an eighth of a penny when used to purchase an Amazon gift card for $0.50 and around a third of a penny when used to purchase gift cards worth $10 or more. Here are some examples for you to understand better;

  •       Amazon: $0.50 gift card amount with 400 units
  •       Amazon: $5 gift card amount with 1800 units
  •       Amazon: $10 gift card amount with 3000 units
  •       eBay: $10 gift card amount with 3000 units
  •       GameStop: $10 gift card amount with 3000 units
  •       Google Play: $10 gift card amount with 3000 units
  •       iTunes: $10 gift card amount with 3000 units
  •       Nintendo: $10 gift card amount with 3000 units
  •       PlayStation: $10 gift card amount with 3000 units
  •       Starbucks: $10 gift card amount with 3000 units
  •       VISA: $10 gift card amount with 3000 units

How soon will you receive $10 on Mistplay?

If you’ve checked the chart above, then you know by now that you will need the points to earn money. Mainly for $10, players will have to play games and reach up to 3000 points.

It is also worth mentioning that how many points you make and how soon you make them will depend on how many games you play and for how long you play them. Some can make $10 in just a couple of hours of playing, whereas for some, it can take up to days.

According to a review, the player was able to earn 3000 points which equate to $10, by playing games for 19 hours and 43 minutes. You must know that the games you play also have a major role in how quickly you make that much money.

It’s also important to note that studies have shown that if you played games on Mistplay for 10 hours a day, you could potentially make $5.70. That would amount to roughly $171 each month. Or, to be exact, that’s seventeen $10 gift cards with a few extra units to start building for the next month.


Mist play is one of the best ways for you to earn extra money in your spare time. Do keep in mind that you can’t instantly become a professional player; you will have to build your way to reach that level.

If you keep playing long enough, you will also be able to earn a lot of points and exchange that for money, which might be a lot more than just $10.

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