How to Use Chromecast for WhatsApp Videos?

There are two types of casting WhatsApp video calls on HD-TV. Either casting method must be done through a Chromecast casting device.

First Way to Cast Whatsapp Video Calls to TV

HD-TV screen mirroring using Android phone To implement this idea, you need a device like your requirement. To start a video call on your HD-TV, you need the following devices:

  • android phone.

Use this device to stream and cast everything from your mobile to your HD-TV.

  • HD-TV with HDMI port

Without an HDMI port, you won’t be able to connect Chromecast devices from your mobile. So an HD-TV with HDMI port is a must.

  • Wi-Fi adapter.

The WI-FI adapter is used to connect your HD-TV’s Chromecast device to your Android phone.

Steps to follow:

Find the option in the first open settings android phone. Connected Devices , just a click will take you to the connection point ready to pair all available devices. You can find it at the bottom. You can find the option in the Connection Preferences corresponding option. cast. Now turn on your Chromecast device and wait for a response from your Android phone. When the Chromecast and HD-TV are connected. You will see a notification like this: Start now Click it and enjoy video call on HD-TV.

The second way to transfer video calls from HD-TV :

WhatsApp web on your PC’s Google Chrome browser allows you to stream video calls on your HD-TV. There are few requirements for this either.

  • PC or laptop.
  • good internet service.

How to Chromecast WhatsApp Video Calls?

Download the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on your desktop. And click on it and type or click this link.

Copy this URL and paste it into the search bar of your Chrome browser and wait. After opening that link, right-click on the current webpage and select the Cast option. Select the appropriate option and wait for a response. The browser displays available peripherals.

Once you find your HD-TV on that page, select the option at the bottom of the source and go to the Cast tab . Select that option and Whatsapp will now appear on your HD-TV from a limited distance. You can also read messages, check status and chat with friends. You can also view photos and play videos.

Send Whatsapp video calls

You can see the other person’s face during a video call. You cannot hear the voice or sound effects on the HD-TV. So the voice can only be heard on Android phones. But you can hear your voice with the help of Chromecast.

You need to turn on the microphone in Google Play Services to hear the voice and audio you want to play. This setting makes video calls and conversations better. To turn on microphone permission.

You have to open Settings and then select Apps and scroll down to find the app. Google Play Services Click on it and tap Permissions then go to Slider option, turn on Microphone slider and turn on Microphone You can adjust the volume on your phone.


The above method is used to cast Whatsapp to HD-TV. You can view large resolution images, watch videos, text friends, and call friends mainly by following the steps mentioned above.

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