Hype up your next open house with these 4 online marketing tips

Online Marketing Tips

Open houses are very important for real estate agents. They help you promote a listing better than any other option. Because let’s face it; no one’s really 100% convinced about a property until they’ve actually seen it in person and have examined the details. It essentially allows you to get a lot of additional marketing for a property. Which is why your open house needs to be conducted well enough to actually attract the right buyers.

To get people to come to your open house, you need to first make sure they know about it. And a great way to do that is through the internet.

These days, almost everyone who’s booking for real estate properties use the internet for some purpose or the other. This makes it the perfect avenue for you to get the ball rolling about your upcoming open house.

Here are a few online promotion strategies to help you build hype around your open house.

1. Set up a Facebook Event page

If you want your open house to be a success, you have to make sure it’s on people’s minds and their calendars. People will only think about going to an event if they’re constantly reminded about it. Otherwise, they’re very likely to miss out on the news.

To make sure people mark down the date of your open house on their calendar, create a Facebook event page for your open house. You can do this from your official Facebook Business page so that the event looks more credible. Add the relevant details to the event like date, time, and location.

Add a suitable photo of the property’s exterior as the banner for the page, you can use banner maker for creating Facebook banners. And once you’re done setting it up, invite your whole Facebook contact list to attend or show their interest in the page.

This way, interested buyers can note down when the event is and keep that day free ahead of time. They will also continue to get notifications for the event so that they don’t forget.

2. Spread the word with informative social media posters

Like every other event that needs to be promoted, open houses also need vibrant, eye-catching promotional content to gain attention. When you’re selling a house, visuals play a significant role in helping people decide whether they’re interested.

Create your own engaging open house posters using online design tools like PosterMyWall and post them all over social media to gain more traction. Add all relevant details like the date, time, and location of the open house. If needed, you can also add pricing information to narrow down your audience to serious buyers. To make it more attractive, add a nicely taken picture of the property to the poster.

Once your poster is ready, you can post it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To get more reach, you can boost your poster on Facebook and Instagram by specifying your audience and paying a certain minimal amount.

If you have a slightly bigger budget for your promotions, you can also consider Google ads as an option, so that all interested buyers in your area will see your poster whenever they go online.

3. Share snippets on your Instagram story

Instagram stories are a great way to add content to your social media strategy and also invoke curiosity among your followers. Since they last 24 hours and can be filter decorated and converted to boomerangs, you can add a lot of fun videos of your property to entice people to check it out in person.

Add some aspects of your property to your story like a short clip of the immaculately set up lounge, a boomerang of the closet space, close ups of the marble countertops, and much more.

You can make them look prettier through Instagram’s range of edits and effects. This way, you’ll get to show off enough of the property to encourage people to check it out, without revealing it all so that they have no reason to attend.

4. Use the right hashtags for your posts

When promoting an open house, you want to engage all the right people. You want people who are interested in buying property, those who live within the same locality, those who are looking for a specific type of property, and those who are looking within a specific budget.

A great way to filter through this audience is to use hashtags to make your open house posts appear in very specific categories. Here are some great hashtags you can use:

  1. #newlisting
  2. #victorianhome
  3. #openhousesunday
  4. #yourcityopenhouse

The basic idea is to use hashtags that will put your listing posts into specific categories. So if someone is specifically looking online for an open house this Sunday within your city for a historical style home, they can find it through your hashtags.

Final thoughts

The real estate market can be pretty challenging to navigate. Especially when it comes to filtering out the serious buyers and keeping them interested in a property. This is why online marketing is so important when it comes to keeping up with the right buyers.

Use these online marketing tips and an online poster maker to promote your listings the right way and have your open house be a success.

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