How to Fix Discord Search Not Working on Windows

How to Fix Discord Search Not Working

Here are some working methods to fix the inconsistency detection feature not working in Windows 10. You can follow this guide to fix all the major inconsistency-related issues in Windows.

Fix #1: Check for inconsistent servers

First, you need to check if there is a problem with the Discord server. You can see severe inconsistency breaks, indicated by the red lines, and failures, indicated partially by the yellow lines.

Current and past services can be found on the Discord Services page. If the server is overloaded, you will have to wait until things get back to normal. More or less you get to know the exact problem here and you can fix it.

Fix #2: Discord Update

If the discrepancy detection feature is not working properly, you can fix the same problem by updating the discrepancy. Restart the app to check for updates. To restart discord, go to the lower-right corner of the Windows 10 taskbar, right-click on the discord icon and leave. Now restart the app and the update process will be done on its own.

Fix #3: Check your internet connection

If you have a slow and buggy internet, you are more likely to witness these inconsistencies. We recommend that you switch to an internet network with good speed. Double-check if the issue has been resolved so far. Sometimes a slow internet connection interferes with the smooth functioning of the discord app.


The Discord app is a popular app, so it can overload the server due to a large number of users. In these situations, you may encounter some problems while using the app. These problems will resolve on their own over time. However, if your server is not the culprit, you should try the other fixes mentioned here.

Not a match is a  free text and video chat service that is a great platform for gamers to communicate. Discord is platform-agnostic, allowing players from different platforms to come together. It’s a great app, but the search function sometimes works for fun and stops working.

There are several reasons why the discrepancy detection feature does not work. Name a few server problems, poor internet connection, etc. Today, in this article, we present some solutions to help you solve it. Discrepancy detection not working in  the easiest way possible.

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