What is SQM Club? Detailed Overview

SQM Club, is a global mining company that from the north of Chile is present in strategic industries for sustainable development, such as health, food, technology, and clean energies that move the world.

SQM Club has 5 business lines, and in all of them, it exercises a position of world leadership: Specialty Plant Nutrition, Iodine and derivatives, Lithium and derivatives, Potassium, and Solar Salts.

SQM Club’s corporate values are Excellence, Safety, Integrity, and Sustainability, SQM Club in its 52 years of history has made a decisive commitment to innovation and technological development. Managing to adapt its production, commercial, logistics, and management processes to the different conditions of global markets, ensuring operational continuity under high sustainability parameters. Thus, it obtains better results and creates more value for its customers, shareholders, and the environment in which it is inserted.

SQM Club Stand for:

SQM Stands for “Squak Mountain Club”

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SQM Club Excellence

  • SQM Club is an organization that is constantly challenged, in order to achieve even better results, in order to create shared value for shareholders, collaborators, clients, suppliers, and communities.
  • SQM Club encourages being creative, agile, and innovative.
  • SQM Club carries out our work within a framework of sustainability and respect for the environment.
  • SQM Club wants to build, throughout the organization, a culture of excellence based on the ten principles of Lean methodology (M1).
  • SQM Club promote and value internal meritocracy as the main way of professional growth, favoring equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity. We seek to generate professional development opportunities for people so that they reach their maximum potential.

SQM Club Values

  • SQM Club believes Caring for people is a priority organizational commitment that mobilizes us on a daily basis, seeking to have safe and accident-free operations.
  • SQM Club is responsible for creating the conditions for the safe development of each job; as well as promoting behaviors aimed at the physical and psycho-occupational safety of everyone who works at SQM Club.
  • Each person in the SQM Club is responsible for taking care of himself and also for the other members of the team; as well as maintaining an inescapable commitment to the application of safe behaviors. SQM Club promotes open and permanent feedback to make visible the opportunities for improvement in safety.

SQM Club integrity

  • SQM Club seeks to carry out our daily work with the high standards of integrity described in the internal code of ethics. At the same time, SQM Club is open and interested in identifying and implementing better ways of working that ensure and facilitate compliance with these standards.
  • SQM Club promotes respect and fulfillment of each of the commitments assumed with shareholders, clients, collaborators, regulators, communities, suppliers, and authorities.

SQM Club Identity

The current identity of SQM Club is the result of a historical process, marked by the capacity for innovation and development as the hallmark of the company. The decision and ability to reinvent itself over and over again, adapting to the market and the different needs of its clients, is a characteristic that sustains each line of business. This evolution over time has gone through different phases, the characteristics of which are reflected in the logos, which tell the story of SQM.

SQM Club Identity in the Begining

Sqm club Identity in the begining

Square and black letters represented the image of the company between the 70s and 90s, as a sign of its solidity and its determination to play a decisive role in the growth of agribusiness. The ear of wheat in the Q marked during this phase the orientation of the company towards agriculture. The objective of the company could be seen in its logo: the spike was born at the bottom of the letter Q and grew outwards, standing out above the acronym, in line with the mission of the Chilean Chemical and Mining Society, which was the growth of the field and businesses, to yield more fruits and reap success.

SQM Club Identity in 90’s

SQM logo in 90's

The logo took color in the 90s. And the one chosen was not accidental: green, which represents its intimate relationship with nature, the source of its products, and where they ultimately direct their contribution. The acronyms were simplified towards the basics: the square shapes reflected the industrialization that marked this period. Soquimich had started to grow rapidly, expanding its product lines, discovering and applying new production processes, and modernizing its plants. Soquimich stopped being oriented only to agriculture and began to integrate industrial products that were successfully marketed. It was then that the five main lines of business that it still maintains were developed and stabilized: fertilizers, iodine, lithium, industrial chemicals, and potassium.

SQM Club identity New formula

SQM Club identity

This logo, with more movement, reflects the evolution of the company towards a new approach: the focus shifts from the product, towards the customer and their needs. Its upward curves are a metaphor for the accelerated development of the company, which in the face of the vertiginous growth of the world economy and its new requirements, began to rethink its structure and position and redefine itself in 2004. The color green was maintained, considering that SQM Club is nature , it is life and it is movement. But a more intense and more modern green. And a new slogan was added – “The Worldwide Business Formula” – reflecting a business formula based on high-quality products and services to satisfy thousands of customers around the world.

SQM Club Identity Solutions for Human Progress

SQM Club Identity Solutions for Human Progress

This new corporate image highlights that SQM has a global presence, which develops and markets products for industries essential to human development: health, energy, food and the technology that moves the world. And the slogan thus highlights it. The acronym SQM and the colors green and white remain; change the shape of the logo, which is now round, alluding to the global; the new blue color refers to technology, an industry in which SQM has a very relevant presence.

SQM Club Products:

  • Specialty plant nutrition
  • Lithium and derivatives
  • Iodine and derivatives
  • Potassium
  • Industrial chemicals

Specialty Plan Nutrition:

SQM Club is a world leader in the production of potassium nitrate of natural origin, with the lowest carbon footprint, chlorine-free, 100% soluble, which allows a more rational use of water in fertigation applications and increases the quality and yield of various crops. Our know-how is the result of exhaustive research and numerous field studies carried out by agronomic teams around the world in close relationships with producers. This knowledge is key for the development of specific formulas, using fertigation software for expert advice on balanced nutritional programs.

SQM Clubs Commitments for Lithium and derivatives

Lithium and its derivatives constitute a key input for the development of electromobility and the technologies that are moving the world; It is also very important for the pharmaceutical industry and for industrial uses. As the world’s largest producer in this market and the lowest cost, SQM Club is committed to the development and sustainability of the lithium industry, where our effort aims to deliver high-quality products in a timely manner, but also to make significant investments in order to to guarantee the availability of the product.

SQM Club work in Iodine and Derivatives

Caliche’s largest reserves in the world are in northern Chile and SQM Club owns a large part of them. Iodine is produced from this mineral, and SQM is the world’s leading producer and also the lowest-cost producer. SQM Club has developed a distribution and sales network on five continents, which makes it possible for our product to reach the health and technology industry, for various uses that improve people’s lives.

SQM Club offer Potassium

In order to supply itself with potassium chloride (KCl), a raw material for the production of potassium nitrate, SQM Club began operating in the Salar de Atacama. The initial investment included the construction of a potassium chloride and potassium sulfate plant. Currently the Potassium business line includes sales of these two potassium fertilizers. The main sources of potassium that exist in the market for use in fertilizers are: potassium chloride (KCl), potassium sulfate (K2SO4) and potassium nitrate (KNO3). Of these sources, potassium chloride is undoubtedly the most important worldwide. We are the only company that produces all three sources of potassium.

SQM Club supplies Industrial chemicals

SQM Club has proven experience in the production and marketing of nitrates, Potassium Chloride, Boric Acid, and Magnesium Chloride. Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrate are the raw materials of solar salts, essential for the operation of solar thermal plants; and Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate – known as Bischofite – is used for effective control of dust and de-icing on roads.

What Does SQM Club Does?

The SQM Club primarily cares about the carbon footprint and carbon footprint of society and the environment. It allows members to know how they can contribute to and contain carbon emissions. A non-profit organization that is growing at a faster pace around the world.

What are the benefits of Being an SQM Club member?

As a member of the SQM Club, you can enjoy a variety of benefits. For example, you can see how much carbon is being released into the environment every day.

Primarily, their special calculator takes into account the daily Nandin activity of members to keep track of this amount. It also provides useful information such as how to curb this carbon footprint.

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