Detailed Review about

Detailed Review about

More and more users on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are changing their profile pictures to cartoon-like painting pictures. This is all because of a new application, officially called “NewProfilePic Picture Editor” It is available and trending on Google Play Store and you can also get this app by visiting its official website

Find out if the NewProfilePic image editing app is safe to use and anything else you need to know here. Overview

These days having a strong online presence is crucial to personal and professional success. Your online image is often the first thing people notice about you, and it can make or break your chances of making a good impression. That’s where comes in. This innovative service helps you transform your image online by providing you with a stunning new profile picture that will leave a lasting impression.

First, it is important to know that Informatics Laboratories, Inc. created the NewProfilePic application. This is the same developer who brought Toonarts and other apps similarly. The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize people in users’ photos and then converts them into a new type of art called Eaftoon. In addition, you can also post the photograph on social networking platforms. understands the importance of making a powerful statement with your online image. Their team of expert photographers and digital imaging experts work together to create a profile photo that captures your essence and highlights your strengths. With its unique transformation process, you will have a profile picture that shows your personality and makes you stand out in the digital world.

Why is so Popular?

Many people around the world use the app to change their profile pictures. This explains why the app has become so popular lately. Many people are unaware that their data, which includes facial dimensions, has been forwarded to a corporation based in Moscow, Russia. In addition, the application makes use of artificial intelligence to analyze an image in search of its most important features and generate a new one.

How to use Newprofilepicture app?

For Android users:

First, you need to download the official app for Newprofilepicture which can be found as the name newprofilepic on Google Play store.

Tip: (You need a Google play store account linked with your Gmail to download any app)

For IOS users:

If you are an IOs operating system user look for the app name Newprofilepic on app store.

Once you have downloaded the application on your device, Open the app and start using it.

  • Choose your Picture from your phone gallery and upload it on the newprofilepic app
  • You can use filters to enhance the photo before the final results
  • after you satisfy with the filter and editing you must click on “Done” button.
  • The app’s Ai will generate the picture for you which you can use as your Profile pictures on any social media platform.

What are the benefits of Using

The most vital aspect of your social media profile is your profile picture. When people visit your profile, the first thing they see is the photo you’ve chosen to represent yourself. You are giving them more information to use in their decision to follow or not. Therefore, the quality of your profile picture is crucial.

Make sure you upload a good-quality picture for better results from

Is it safe to use Newprofilepic app?

Before you download it, you will probably ask if the NewProfilePic app is safe to use. Posts on social media suggesting that the app’s website,, is registered in Moscow, fueled speculation that NewProfilePic has ties to Russia or the Kremlin. It has been discovered by various sources that the New Profile Pic was developed by Informe Laboratories and copyrighted by Linerock Investments. App store listings indicate that the developer is based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

However, a representative of Linerock Investments previously disclosed to the press that the application’s domain was previously registered in Russia. The reason for this is the fact that the company’s founder was a country boy. To avoid “any misunderstanding,” however, the corporation updated the domain registration to reflect the new address of the individual who previously lived there.

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