Mobile applications to choose a restaurant, direct to the palate

Through our mobile devices, we can do almost anything that comes to mind. Also choose a restaurant based on its neighborhood, menu, prices or even its opening hours.

A few days ago we told you about some of the most useful mobile applications for this summer . And it is that choosing accommodation, rest area or travel route, can be easier if we use our smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices, instead of being a heavy burden that prevents us from disconnecting from our routine, can be the perfect allies to plan our vacations.

But its usefulness does not have to be restricted only to the summer. There are many apps that can get us out of trouble. How many times have we wanted to go out to dinner somewhere, and it has not occurred to us where? Mobile applications to choose a restaurant can help us on some occasions. Today at Think Big  we show you some that can be really useful.

The social network par excellence that combines geolocation with useful resources, it can serve us much more than to check-in at a specific establishment. Thanks to Foursquare , we can try to attract and retain customers with exclusive discounts.

If we are customers, at the end of 2012 we received good news: the geolocation network already allowed online restaurant reservations, through its alliance with OpenTable, a San Francisco company, similar to Eztable, located in Taiwan. 

In this way we can not only browse the different possibilities of establishments that we have in a certain area, but also take a look at the restaurant’s menu and, if it attracts us, reserve a table.

Yelp, another recommended app

In this list of mobile applications to choose a restaurant, you could not miss Yelp, available for iOS and Android. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting app that will help us choose a cafe, bar, or restaurant much faster.

Thanks to it, we can define our searches , restricting according to price, neighborhood and even establishment hours. Very useful features if we want to locate a certain site as quickly as possible.

Yelp, within the mobile applications to choose a restaurant, helps us to locate a certain place, read the comments of other users, and get in direct contact with the place. Yelp can therefore be a complementary tool to Foursquare, which can be very useful.

Nara, the latest news

A few days ago, Forbes magazine presented the last of the mobile applications to choose a restaurant: Nara. Developed by the Nara Logics company, this app promises to be the “most personalized restaurant search engine.” This North American company also intends to extend its work to Asia, since it has licensed its technology to a leading telecommunications company in this region, SingTel.

The app is based directly on your personal and exclusive taste , so that you choose the establishment based on your own palate.

We do not know if Nara will be the definitive app, but the truth is that in these mobile applications to choose a restaurant, the competition in the coming years will be enormous. Which one will we use in the future to choose an establishment?

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