Error Loading Player? Here is what you need to do!

So let’s imagine a hypothetical scenario where this new film has just been released with your favorite actor in it and you take a look into your available outing budget for the month to find out that the film has got to wait. How would you feel? Disappointed of course! However, watching the film is something you cannot resist hence you may want to request Google to whip its wand and show its magic by finding you an online version of that film. You will not be disappointed for sure because you will definitely find the film online.

However while watching the film you may be interrupted by various online server error codes like the HTTP Error Codes that appear while surfing the internet and the worse form of this code is definitely “Error Loading Player” which would stop your film streaming instantly. However, you do not need to worry, in this article we will guide you on how to recognize and cater to the “Error Loading Player” issue.

First make sure that it isn’t a malware or a bad link!

First you need to see to it that the Error Loading Player isn’t popping up due to some virus on your device which you can make sure by running your antivirus scan. If malware isn’t the culprit then the Error Loading Player could also be appearing due to a corrupt link. A common scenario that is faced under these circumstances is that any of these video websites come with multiple links to access the video of interest and sometimes one accidentally chooses to open the wrong link. If the link is indeed corrupt then you will have two options:

  1. Open up other links available on the page to see if they open up the real video or not.
  2. Or you can give up and try another video website.

Possible Error Loading Player #1

At time the Error Loading Player message appears when your JW player is configured in an incorrect setting. This isn’t a mistake of the user but is indeed a fault in the coding of the JavaScript. In this case you will not be able to do much but simply report the error on the website or you will have to find an alternate link.

Possible Error Loading Player #2

The Error Loading Player can also be due to your own fault, do you remember updating your Adobe Flash Player recently? Many websites nowadays need you to own the latest version of Adobe Flash Player so that you can access their video content smoothly hence it is imperative that you keep your plug-in for the Flash updated through the official website of Adobe Player. You may get to learn a few things by this process as well.

Possible Error Loading Player #3

At times the offline playback option isn’t compatible which essentially means that the JW player will not load on any web server. The developer can counteract this by putting up the web page on to the server or by operating any local server to get rid of the situation. However, again if you are a mere user then this is that possible error that you cannot fix by yourself.

Possible Error Loading Player #4

Another problem that becomes a huge hassle for the developer is the improper reference of the skins. Basically a skin is kind of a JW Player interface that can be changed and will change how it appears looks wise, kind of like adding a skin to your player. If you are a developer and you know this is the reason then make sure that the skins are properly referenced and that they are also able to load. If you have a JW Player set up then there are a few tricks that you can employ to get rid of the issue.

You also need to ensure that the format of the file is compatible on your OS or with your browser however you need to remember the following:

  1. FLV is not supported by HTML5 or mobile devices.
  2. RTMP is not supported by HTML5 or mobile devices.

Both of these formats need Flash and will not operate without it.

Possible Error Loading Player #5

At times you may not be able to find the location of your file. When this happens, you must check again if you are on the wrong location and you need to ensure that the file indeed exists at the pointed location. In this case you will see the error 404 and here is how you fix it:

  1. In the web browser Chrome, right click its icon and then inspect the element.
  2. Then choose Plat and make sure that the activity which is highlighted in red is present. This will then show you all the issues that are through the network.

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