6 useful tips when preparing to travel abroad

Soon the hot summer is coming. You finally decided to go on vacation! I’ve already informed my job, this time I’m going to go abroad once… How do I prepare?

Here are some tips for preparing for a comfortable and comfortable trip without worries! It’s simple yet useful.

1. Buy a plane ticket  

Usually, many people buy tickets through online search. Flight tickets fluctuate in real time. In addition, data is saved each time you search, so the next time you search, you may encounter a price that is even higher than the existing price. In this case, clear your browser history and search. In general, it is said that it is easier to find cheaper tickets by searching with a computer than with a smartphone.

Ticket prices are known to be the cheapest around 3pm on Tuesdays . Be sure to find a seat during this time!

Even if I missed the special offer, I feel relieved now. The tips above can save you a lot!

2. Airplane seat

Have you booked a flight with three seats side by side? If you are traveling with two people, choose the same row of window seats and aisle seats when seating is intelligent. Unless it’s full, it’s rare for someone to choose a sandwich seat in the middle. So two people can take three seats and travel comfortably!

3. Free up space for your suitcase 

When putting your luggage in a slippery bag, it’s better to roll up your clothes rather than fold them up. It may not seem like a big deal, but the difference is evident when you crumble your flickering shoes into a full bag.

4. General Luggage Organization Tips 

  • Rolling the belt around and putting it in the mouth of the shoe saves space and keeps the shape of the shoe!
  • Putting a shower cap on your shoes (so that the floor is covered) will prevent the clothes you put together from getting dirty.

5. Smartphone tricks

Are you concerned about using the Internet while on vacation abroad? if so…

  • Install an app called Wifi Map. Find hotspots with free wireless internet in the cities you visit.
  • Please use “Save offline map” of Google Maps. Getting directions is easier when you don’t have access to the local internet. If you use the GPS function built into your phone, you don’t need internet.

6. Important documents 

Before you go on a trip, take a photo of the documents (passport, etc.) that are essential for your trip or scan and send it to your e-mail address. It is very useful in case of any theft. You can prove your identity right away at the local police station.

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Now, you’re finally ready to go, all pigmented. It’s been said that the best trips happen when you leave without a plan. Keep in mind the basic tips above, and enjoy all kinds of adventures and surprises happening in different locations to your heart’s content. You may be able to find real restaurants that only locals visit rather than well-known restaurants. Then we wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!

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