Many people still do not know what a penthouse is or do not understand the characteristics and formation of a penthouse. Therefore, Journal closet wants you to have a complete knowledge of it, providing not only the most basic characteristics of a penthouse but also the shortest definition.


Penthouse is the term for an apartment located on the top floor of a building, not necessarily a penthouse. Homeowners can use the penthouse’s open spaces to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the surroundings.


Penthouses began in the 20’s and 30’s in the Plaza Building in downtown New York. The original architect penthouse was designed to fully enjoy the natural beauty of sunlight, wind, clouds, etc., using a large and spacious space on the top floor of the building.

After some time, penthouses quickly became a new trend for the upper class. Here, most of the skyscrapers have built penthouses with a modern and luxurious design, optimizing their space advantage.


It is easy to distinguish the penthouse from other buildings thanks to its splendid, splendid and luxurious beauty. This is reflected in its outstanding features such as:

  • Penthouses are usually two or more stories high and have ladders to move between the floors inside the apartment.
  • The penthouse has large balconies along the house, creating a large outdoor space that is comfortable for homeowners. Therefore, when designing a penthouse, architects often pay great attention to this porch to provide the best possible experience for their clients.
  • The interior of the penthouse is well ventilated and adjacent to the air, which also reduces power consumption.
  • Instead of window sills, the penthouse uses large glass panels that do not obstruct the view from the outside.
  • There are no partitions in the apartment, the paintings are thin walls. As a result, the space in the penthouse is very airy, allowing homeowners to easily create their own apartment according to their needs and preferences.
  • The master bedroom is very convenient in the interior layout due to its large space. Many places, toilets, bathrooms, changing rooms, saunas, etc. can be interconnected.
  • Penthouses are often designed with a large floor space, such as a skylight, giving the entire apartment a touch of beauty.
  • The kitchen is very concentrated in the penthouse. Therefore, all the major high-end materials and equipment such as stainless steel, granite, kitchen island, bar and more are gathered here.
  • The equipment in the penthouse is also the most advanced and modern.

It’s not uncommon for penthouses to have very high values ​​(up to millions of dollars) with such a lavish and extravagant style.

What is the above penthouse? What are the characteristics of penthouses? I hope you have more interesting information about interior design, work design.

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