Types of Hug, What is the Power of Hug?

Types of Hugs or Physical contact is absolutely necessary for our personal and social well-being. So, hug and get a hug!

Before Types of Hugs let’s Discuss What is Hug?

An act of embracing a partner with one’s arms An act of swiping one’s arms close to the other as a ‘greeting’, an expression of ‘love’ and ‘stability’

Hugs are accompanied by strong silence! And that silence contains a lot of expressions!

In All Types of Hugs, Its a soul-to-soul contact

When we look back at our pasts and memories, we are in many important situations, where hugs would have been very helpful, expressions of affection, reactions we need, and gifts from loved ones.

It touches the soul expressing affectionIf we receive and give hugs, even if hugging is a routine act, we will be able to act well because we do not yet know the true power of hugging.

Type Of Hugs
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Of course, there are many different types of hugs. Some are very positive and some are negative; Each hug has a different purpose and creates a symbolic language between the giver and the receiver. But most importantly, not only receive a hug, but give it and, if necessary, do it yourself.

Of course, there are many different types of hugs. Some are very positive and some are negative; Each hug has a different purpose and creates a symbolic language between the giver and the receiver. But most importantly, not only receive a hug, but give it and, if necessary, do it yourself.

Something that suits everyone… That’s a hug.

Hugs do a lot for our emotional state. There are times when a few seconds of silent hugs are more powerful than talking for an hour. In particular, hugging is the most common act between lovers. Although hugging postures change depending on the situation, we can guess the emotional state or disposition of the other person through these hugging postures. How about getting to know the person more by the hugging posture of the lover? Introduces 10 kinds of personality types according to hug posture.

  1. Face Burying Hugs is the Romantic Type of Hugs
Head on Shoulder Type of Hugs
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People who bury their face in the other person’s chest or shoulder when hugging are patient and positive. It is so you know how to boldly express their closeness to that person who can be there to empower the people, to be honest with your feelings.

  1. Close to the Body Hug is Romantic Type of Hugs
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When hugging a lover, there are people who hold you tight from the legs to the chest as if they were going to make you mine. Such a person has a strong tendency to possess and dominate something. Apart from stubbornness or too much greed, not like Snatch others or passing it your own.

  1. Another Type of Hugs is pat on the back
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A pat on the back signifies camaraderie, and in such a hug, it can be viewed as a sign of comfort or support as a friend rather than an expression of affection. People who embrace this type is often a strong sense of responsibility to patronize others well.

  1. Hugging the hand behind the person’s neck
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This Type of hugs is when A person who holds the other person’s head with their hands when giving a hug is a good guide. When you embrace someone and wrap their head in your arms, it shows that you have a straightforward personality and strong leadership.

  1. Hanging Hugs are the Passionate Type of Hugs
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Standing on top of the other person with a strong hug and spreading their legs is a sexual Type of Hugs. In other words, not only passionate affection as a lover but also showing sexual desire. When this type of hug may be seen that represents the physical appeal than true love.

  1. Slow Dancing Hugs
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In This Type of hug, They hug and do not stand still and dance while hugging and slowly holding the other person while moving their feet means true love. Himself is a means to no longer support young, his time to be with this man feels alive.

  1. Hugging arms around the waist
Arround waist Type of Hugs
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If you wrap your arms around your partner’s waist while hugging and assume a reclining position, it means that you want some protection from your partner. Comfort your partner because they may be feeling tired or going through a hard time for a while. People who embrace this type are often given to party stability and comfort.

  1. Hugs looking into each other’s eyes
Face to face type of Hugs
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Face-to-face and eye-to-eye contact with each other while hugging, rather than leaning on your shoulders or otherwise, confirms that you share a strong sense of common ground. If you have a lover who knows how to embrace this may be convinced that he is the true love of that person.

  1. Embracing Hugs
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If your lover is a person who often hugs you and hugs you, he is playful, passionate, and greedy. When the start because the nature of the hottest personalities come bearing an end and in between excellent sense of humor, a lot of people who Popularity type.

10. Hug from Side a Casual Type of Hugs

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Also called a buddy hug, this is the most comfortable hug. Hugging people stand side by side with opposite arms on each other’s backs or shoulders. When I’m in a good mood, I often hug these close friends and acquaintances. Not a romantic hug from others for a couple or life partner, but a very sweet hug. You can often see people hugging each other in this style when taking pictures.

But speaking of a girl, when a little boy hugs her like this, it doesn’t mean he’s in love with her. Rather, it is a sign that he sees her as a friend and that she should put more effort into getting his attention to something special.

The benefits of hugging

Hugs are like art it has many Health Benefits!

  • Stress Reduction

Hugs are a great comfort when you are emotionally exhausted. Physical contact helps reduce stress and makes you feel comfortable.

When you’re stressed out at work or things aren’t going well, hug the person next to you.

  • increases serotonin levels

Hugs with loved ones increase serotonin levels. Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter in the body and helps improve mood.

  • Increase in self-esteem

Did you know that direct physical contact can help build trust and increase stability and self-esteem?

If you want to improve your self-esteem, give your loved one a hug.

  • I feel the energy and strength being transmitted.

Hugs are one way we express love. And just like kissing, hugging has the same effect on the body.

When we hug, we increase our levels of oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel pleasure and relieves physical and emotional discomfort It is also beneficial for cardiovascular health

  • Increase Relationship Level

You can communicate with people not only through language but also through physical movements.

Let’s take an example. When you see a close friend after a long time, they hug each other first without saying anything. In this way, you can communicate with people through body language as well.

But the most important thing you can develop yourself is that every hug is precious and important.

Frequent Hugging Can Also Help Prevent Disease

Hugging another person in your arms not only creates a lovely image, but it has also been shown to help prevent disease. People who hug more often can prevent about one-third of diseases, a study has found.

A study conducted by a research team at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States found that people who hugged more often experienced fewer symptoms of serious illness.

The research team surveyed about 400 adult men and women who experienced personal conflicts about what kind of help they received from those around them, and then exposed them to the cold virus and quarantined them.

The results showed that people who hugged often with family and friends during difficult times were less likely to catch a cold. On the other hand, those who had a lot of conflict with others without encouragement from others, such as hugs, were more likely to catch a cold.

In this way, hugging not only evokes happy emotions but also directly affects physical health. As soon as you hug another person, your levels of the stress hormone cortisol begin to drop. This is because hugging someone sends a message to the brain that it relieves tension and is comforting.

Also, after hugging, pressure receptors called machine bodies are activated in the skin sensation, which helps to prevent blood pressure from rising. Skinship, such as hugging, also supports the heart so that it can rest comfortably.

The research team said, “Frequent hugging reduces stress and gives you psychological comfort that the other person is protecting you,” the research team said. The results of this study were published in Psychological Science.

Hug in Covid Season

It’s important that we continue to keep ourselves safe, but it’s just as important that we don’t give up hugs forever. Social isolation and loneliness increase the likelihood of premature death — and perhaps future research should investigate whether there is a lack of hugs or a lack of social contact. Touch is a beneficial instinct for us. Mental health and physical health – so we should celebrate its return.

Of course, not everyone craves a hug. For those who don’t, there is no fear of missing out on the benefits of hugging. Hugging yourself can also help regulate emotional processes and reduce stress.

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