How to start the Business of Holiday decorating your home

If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, be creative and handy with tools, a holiday decorating home business can be a profitable business for you. The holiday decorating business makes the interior and/or exterior of homes and businesses festive. Because of its seasonal nature, this could be a second home business you could piggyback on something else busy over the rest of the year, such as an interior design or home preparation business.

Or it could be a seasonal side job that allows you to earn extra money along the way.

Types of holiday decorations

Many people think of decorating for Christmas when they hear “holiday decorations.” However, there are actually several types of holiday decorations, including:

  • new year
  • 4th of July
  • autumn / fall
  • Halloween
  • Christmas

With different holidays and seasons, the decoration business can work with different types of customers for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Residential Home Decor
  • decorating company
  • Special events (eg weddings, family gatherings, etc.)

Advantages of the holiday decoration business

There are many advantages and perks of starting a holiday decoration business, including:

  • Minimal startup investment . Most customers have or have to pay for decorations, so the tools they need for decoration and marketing will cost money.
  • Seasonal business lets you make time at different times of the year Ideal for students or retirees who want to make money from time to time.
  • No vocational or professional training is required. Decorating through creation and experience can help, but no formal training or certification is required.
  • Grow your home decor business at your own pace with satisfying customer testimonials and oral ads.

Disadvantages of holiday decoration business

As with any business, the holiday decoration business has some drawbacks.

  • The work is seasonal. So you might be overwhelmed by customers in October and December, but the rest of the year will be dry this year, so you’ll have to do something else.
  • Building a customer base can take time.
  • potential danger. If you’re providing an exterior decoration for the Christmas break, you can climb a roof or tree in inclement weather.

What you need to start in the holiday decoration business:

To sell decoration services, you need to set up a business, come up with some tools and a marketing plan. Here is a list to get you started.

  • A creative eye and the ability to develop unique eye-catching, holiday decorations.
  • business license. For more information, contact your local city or county business office.
  • A business plan that includes what you will do and who your customers are. For example, do you only want to decorate your home? Or will you be doing an office or event?
  • Basic decorative tools such as ladders, hand tools, and transportation to the location to be decorated.
  • customer. Decorate your own home or business, and decorate the homes of friends and family to gain experience and recommendations. Post advertisements or bulletin boards in churches or other organizations or local stores. Take pictures and build your portfolio. Use a blog or a site like Pinterest to show off your work.
  • A systematic way to build your portfolio. You can use scrapbooking to show photos of houses you have decorated, along with written testimonies from your customers. See if you can post it online too. Many people today will want to view your business online before making an appointment to see you and your portfolio.
  • Standby helpers. Depending on the number of customers or the difficulty of your decoration needs, you may need assistance. On public holidays, many people need extra money.

Holiday decoration business – real life example:

Jeff Double’s work as a floral designer gave his clients the opportunity to unleash their creativity when decorating a bustling Butler’s store for Christmas. “Basically, people started asking for advice on decorating and they wanted to make a wreath or a wreath.

It grew up there,” he said.

Now serving 3 commercial businesses and 11 homes throughout Butler County. The size of the jobs ranges from $45 in raising and trimming trees for the frail elderly to the equivalent of $10,000 in decorations purchased for the mansion. He extended beyond the holidays to include birthday, wedding and party decorations.

Most of Doubles’ customers are retired couples who don’t have the time to decorate and don’t really have the ambition to decorate them the way they want.

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