How to Effectively Add Calcium to Your Baby

Calcium is an essential nutrient for your baby’s development, especially bones and teeth. This mineral also plays an important role in maintaining the functioning of the nervous and muscular systems, stopping bleeding and activating several enzymes in the body. Up to 99% of your body’s calcium is stored in your bones and teeth. If you want your baby to grow, grow taller and healthy, you need to provide enough calcium to your child’s bones. So, which foods contain a lot of calcium, how much and too much calcium for your baby?

How Much Calcium Does Your Baby Need per Day?

Depending on your age, your baby needs different calcium. Children 1 to 3 years old need 700 mg of calcium per day. Babies aged 4 to 8 years should increase their calcium intake to 1000 mg per day.

You don’t need to add calcium to your baby every day, but make sure your baby’s average daily calcium intake is within the recommended levels above.

What foods are rich in calcium for children?

Of course, milk and dairy products are still the richest sources of calcium. These products also contain vitamin D , a substance that plays an equally important role in your baby’s bone development.

You can refer to some calcium sources below.

1/4 cup tofu: 217 mg (However, this amount depends on the amount of calcium sulfate additive used to make the tofu .)

½ cup yogurt: 207 mg;

1 tablespoon of molasses: 172 mg;

½ cup fruit yogurt: 122-192 mg;

1/2 glass of milk: 150 mg;

½ cup milk chocolate: 144 mg;

¼ cup cooked spinach (spinach): 60 mg.

The amount of calcium above is for reference only and varies greatly depending on the type of product and the size of the product. The amount of calcium a baby receives also depends on the baby’s age and rate of absorption.

The calcium content of milk is not affected by the fat present in the milk. However, local requirements vary with age. Babies under 2 years old need a lot of fat for their body and brain development. Children over 2 years of age need less fat, so skim milk would be a good choice for babies this age.

How to give your baby enough calcium?

Many experts believe that there are many attractive drinks and foods on the market that make babies forget to drink milk, leading to a calcium deficiency. Here are some tips to help encourage your baby to eat or drink dairy.

Parents should encourage their babies to drink milk instead of cocoa, soup or cereal. Alternatively, you can use condensed milk instead of fresh pasteurized milk because it has twice as much calcium as pasteurized fresh milk. Add fresh milk to foods such as fruit salads, nonfat formula for baking, sauces and smoothies, and add cheese to vegetables, sauces and mashed potatoes to make your baby more attractive.

Parents should buy juices, bread, cereals with calcium supplements, and vitamin D to help the baby’s body absorb calcium better. Additionally, you should add about 600 IU (international units) of vitamin D daily to help your baby grow full and healthy.

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