Crystal For Grief & How to use These Crystals for Grief & Loss

When we are enduring grief and loss, we often want to try anything to ease the pain. One of the healthiest ways to do this is to use crystal for grief.

Grief is an emotional response for many people. If you are facing grief, the best crystal for grief can help you. For thousands of years, crystals have been used by humans to provide comfort and healing. When a person is grieving, they can feel empty and sad. Crystal for grief can be a lifesaver when you are going through a difficult time. Since the dawn of history, they have been used as charms, amulets, and sacred objects. There are many crystals that can be effective in helping to deal with grief, but here we will focus on the top crystal for grief. These stones will help you with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues related to grief and loss.

Crystals are not magic wands that can relieve pain, but they can provide soothing comfort and healing vibrations to help you through this time. Different gemstones have different powers, some can offer tender compassion, others inner strength, but they will all work towards the same goal – helping you deal with loss and transition to gentle acceptance. People say you are never completely free from grief, but you learn to master it over time. Check out below explaining crystal for grief and we hope they can bring you some comfort and overcome your pain.

Grief and loss are terrible things to go through. Using crystal for grief can help you relieve sadness and pain, and replace it with a feeling of peace and positive energy.

Types Of Grief

When it comes to dealing with loss, there are several steps to go through. Although everyone experiences grief in different ways, there are common stages of grief and loss. These phases can last days, weeks, or even months.

  1. Denial and isolation

The early stages of grief include feelings of denial, shock, distrust, and paralysis. Many people isolate themselves from friends and family as they go through this phase. The purpose of this is to avoid discomfort as the wound heals. This phase can be temporary for some while others are stuck here more permanently.

  1. Anger

The second stage is usually anger – you feel frustrated, helpless, and even angry at yourself or others about your new life state. Your emotions may manifest as irritability, anxiety, and restlessness. It can sometimes cause physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and muscle aches. Healthy anger helps us to let go, but unhealthy anger stifles negative emotions that keep us locked in past experiences.

  1. Bargaining

The third stage is Bargaining, in which you feel like you’re stuck in limbo while trying to convince yourself that death hasn’t happened yet. This step is about negotiating with a higher power and subconsciously asking the pain to go away. Bargaining is another attempt to regain control of your life. But this step won’t give you lasting pain relief, so you should avoid doing it if you can.

  1. Depression

The fourth stage of grief is depression which often signifies deep sadness and longing for what has been lost. You may also feel guilt, despair, and hopelessness. Depression is a very common stage when you experience a lot of loss in your life, such as the loss of a loved one or major depression after having a baby.

  1. Anguish

The fifth stage, called Anguish, can be experienced severe mental or physical pain or suffering. This is where you are overwhelmed by feelings of panic, confusion, and distress.

Types Of Crystals:

Rose Quartz Crystal for Grief

  • Color- Pink
  • Chakra- Heart
  • Origin- USA, Japan, India, Brazil

Rose Quartz, Crystal for Grief

Rose Quartz is a powerful stone for dealing with grief and loss. Since ancient times, it has been used to help heal broken hearts and relieve guilt and shame from past experiences. It is also a consolation after an emotional crisis.

Rose Quartz has a soothing energy that can bring love, forgiveness and tolerance when you are going through a difficult time. Rose Quartz is an excellent stone for those who have been hurt by others and who are too hard on themselves. It can be placed under your pillow to aid sleep and ease nightmares related to past experiences or trauma.

Rose quartz is also popular for people who suffer from feelings of isolation or loneliness. In difficult circumstances, it can facilitate self-esteem, acceptance, and appreciation.

Rose Quartz can be used to enhance beauty, calm emotions, and open the heart. It also helps you to believe in yourself by improving your intuition, which will help you get through tough times. This crystal makes your emotions compassionate and calm so you can cope with loss and move towards a new future.

Carnelian Crystal for Grief

  • Color- Orange / Red
  • Chakra- Root & Sacral Chakras
  • Origin- Brazil, Uruguay, India, and Madagascar

Carnelian is another good choice of crystal for grief

Carnelian is another good choice for grief, known for being a great energy balancer. It is a bright orange chalcedony quartz that ranges in color from pale yellow to deep red. It has long been associated with fire and blood, making it an excellent stone for releasing anger and frustration associated with grief.

Carnelians share the same family name as Tiger’s Eye, so they can help bind you to your strength, courage, and personal strength during difficult times like the loss of someone or something close. Carnelian is a stone of motivation and endurance that can help you regain strength after going through difficult times. It will help dispel feelings of fear or anxiety related to the bereaved by bringing courage, determination and willpower to the person. Carnelians are also good for losers because they provide reassurance that everything is happening for a reason, even if it’s not always obvious at first.

This crystal stimulates positivity from within, makes you optimistic, loves life, helps move forward. They also encourage you not to let yourself be overwhelmed by negative emotions even when life throws you many challenges. This crystal for grief will allow you to take charge of any situation rather than giving up.

Amethyst Crystal for Grief

  • Color- Purple
  • Chakra- Crown Chakra
  • Origin- Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, and Zambia

Amethyst is an excellent gemstone for those who are experiencing anxiety or stress during a time of loss. Since ancient times, it has been a sign of royalty. Amethysts have also been prized by spiritual seekers throughout history as they help us access our intuition, making them beneficial stones to enhance psychic abilities in times of need. difficult. This stone can help purify your thoughts, helping to release grief-related stress that may be holding you back from moving forward.

Amethyst is an excellent stone to promote peace, patience, and comfort during times of loss. It will keep you calm even in the most difficult situations, helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

This gemstone can also ease bereavement-related stress headaches by soothing your emotions and removing any negative energy around you. This crystal for grief can absorb any negative energy that you hold back, helping to eliminate anxiety and stress in your body. Amethyst can be used as a meditation stone or placed on the third eye chakra in your daily activities, this will help overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness associated with grief.

It is also known for its ability to regulate blood pressure and treat stress related to insomnia, so it is a great choice for people who have trouble sleeping at night due to insomnia. This crystal will promote good health by helping you kick unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking too much alcohol that can prevent healing during difficult times.

Pink Opal Crystal for Grief

  • Color- Pink
  • Chakra- Heart Chakra
  • Origin- Mexico, Brazil, and Australia

Pink Opal crystal for Grief

Pink Opal is a powerful gemstone for grief, helping to release any limits or restrictions you place on yourself in your life. This stone can help you move forward by boosting your self-confidence, which will motivate you to face future challenges with an open mind. It is known as one of the most spiritual healing stones due to its ability to reconnect us with nature by enhancing our intuition.

This crystal for grief helps get through difficult times by encouraging compassion for others while stimulating feelings of love within yourself. It will help you work through grief by restoring a sense of hope and optimism about the future, which can be difficult during difficult times.

Pink Opal is a wonderful stone to help you let go of the past and move into the future with strength, courage, and acceptance. It will purge negative emotions like anger or resentment that can prevent healing after a loss. This crystal for grief can help us remember not to take anything personally in life, helping to release any undue stress we are holding.

This stone is ideal for those who are experiencing loss as it inspires loving relationships in your life.

Black Onyx Crystal for Grief

  • Color- Black, Brown, and Grey
  • Chakra- Root Chakra & Throat Chakra
  • Origin- Brazil, Uruguay, and India

Black Onyx crystal for Grief

Black Onyx is a stone for grief, helping us to release the past and move forward in life. Since ancient times, it has been considered a symbol of longevity as it protects against negative energies, helping to overcome loss. This crystal will give you courage during difficult times by allowing you to overcome loss while also protecting you from any negativity around you. It is beneficial for overcoming depression after a loss related to divorce or death.

Black Onyx is used to help release negative emotions such as anger or resentment, which can prevent the healing that occurs after a loss. It can absorb all kinds of negativity, whether emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual, allowing us to let go and move toward our future with strength and courage. Grief affects many people and can make us feel bad about ourselves. After someone dies or gets divorced, we can feel like we have no one left to rely on.

Black agate helps us to see ourselves well and to do things that make us feel better. This stone is known for its ability to stimulate the root chakra while stimulating the throat chakra, thus increasing your psychic abilities during times of conflict.

Pyrite Crystal for Grief

  • Color- Metallic Grey
  • Chakra- Root Chakra, Solar Plexus & Crown Chakras
  • Origin- Spain and China

Pyrite crystal for Grief

Pyrite is a pain stone, which boosts confidence while venting any anger or grievances about your loss. The ability of flint to channel negative energies will help balance our emotional bodies, allowing us to feel content with ourselves and others. This crystal helps overcome post-loss depression due to a positive outlook on life.

It also reinforces a sense of hope, making room for new possibilities in the near future. It can be beneficial when you’re going through a bereavement by helping you see the positive side of any situation, whether it’s divorce or death, which will bring the situation to an end. Pyrite allows us to focus on solutions in difficult times rather than on problems that prevent the stress-induced overload that leads to burnout.

Additionally, this crystal will help you see the bigger picture by connecting with your spiritual side, making room for healing.

Pyrite is known as a lucky stone because it can attract positive energy while repelling negative influences that can prevent recovery from loss. It is known to be worn during times of conflict to make difficult decisions; It can also be beneficial in times of loss. It is known as the stone of unconditional love, which will help you get rid of any anger or resentment.

Moonstone Crystal for Grief

  • Color- White with Gray or Blue Veins
  • Chakra- Crown & Third Eye Chakras
  • Origin- India, Madagascar, and Australia


Moonstone is used to work through grief by helping you accept your loss. It connects with the energy of dreams that allows us to face our fears and gain the upper hand. Moreover, you can also feel the strong vibration of this stone when in trouble. It helps you see things clearly while learning from past mistakes, allowing you to grow in unexpected ways.

Moonstones have the ability to help balance our emotional bodies, which is beneficial for overcoming grief. The moon’s ability to spark our imaginations brings new hope or new possibilities, which can be beneficial during difficult times. It will help you see the bigger picture, facilitating growth and healing after losses related to divorce, death, and more. Moonstone is known as a stone of love because of its ability to interact with emotions, helping us to deal with any anger about our losses. and connect with our dreams. Moonstone will also help you learn from loss, and bring a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

It increases visual perception while stimulating the mind by elevating your imagination, opening up new possibilities in the near future. This crystal is a symbol of love that helps us vent anger or resentment over loss. It is a stone of inspiration that will help you see the silver lining in all situations, including loss, thanks to its calming energy.

Lepidolite Crystal for Grief

  • Color- Lavender or purple
  • Chakra- Crown & Heart Chakras
  • Origin- Brazil, USA, and Russia


Lepidolite is a gemstone known for grief and loss, providing a sense of calm in any situation. It also increases feelings of hope and optimism while preventing overthinking during difficult times. This crystal for grief with its ability to balance our emotional bodies during difficult times. Lepidolite promotes a feeling of calm and clarity, allowing you to see the silver lining during difficult times.

Lepidolite’s calming effects can benefit grief by helping us vent any anger or resentment over the loss and avoid overthinking, which can lead to exhaustion strength. It is known to bring joy, serenity and contentment, allowing room for growth and healing after losses due to divorce or death-related circumstances.

Lepidolite is a stone of transformation that brings new possibilities from past mistakes by creating solutions instead of focusing on problems. It stimulates our imagination, allowing us to focus on solutions rather than problems. This stone is known as a symbol of love that helps us vent any anger or resentment over loss due to its calming energy.

Rhodonite Crystal for Grief 

  • Color- Pink to Brownish-red with Black Veins
  • Chakra- Heart Chakra & Root Chakra
  • Origin- South Africa, Madagascar, and Mexico


Rhodonite is another grief stone used to help overcome feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. It is known as the stone of unconditional love, which will help you get rid of any anger or resentment. It helps us get through tough times by helping us feel understood, which in turn boosts our self-esteem and strengthens our sense of hope for the future.

This crystal is known as a lucky gem due to its ability to help increase our luck. It is beneficial in the event of loss or unfortunate circumstances such as bankruptcy after a divorce or death-related expenses.

Rhodonite is used to prevent depression after a loss, especially for people who have difficulty getting out of bed due to lack of motivation. This stone is beneficial for overcoming grief by restoring hope and optimism about the future, which can be difficult during difficult times. It is known as an excellent stone to wear in times of loss due to its ability to balance emotions while promoting feelings of self-esteem and compassion.

Rhodonite helps to remove anger or resentment that can prevent healing from occurring after a loss. Rhodonite will purge negative emotions like anger or resentment, preventing healing from occurring after a loss related to divorce or death in relationships like spouses, friends, etc. This crystal is known as a symbol of love and friendship; it can help inspire loving relationships in your life after a loss that affects those areas like death or divorce.

How to use These Crystal for Grief & Loss

There are many ways to use these crystals for grief to help overcome grief during difficult times. But here we will focus on the most common ways to use these stones

  • The first is to meditate or reflect with the crystals for grief in hand, holding them close while breathing deeply. Give yourself time to let your emotions out if needed. Don’t be afraid of tears during this process as they can bring great healing when allowed to flow freely.
  • Another way to use these crystals for grief is to place them in the four corners of your bed before going to bed. It will help you find a sense of peace and reduce your fear of grieving nightmares after the loss of a loved one due to divorce, death, etc.
  • Wear some of these crystals for grief around your neck on a necklace for added benefit while overcoming the pain. It will help you to carry the stone with you wherever you go, allowing to feel its energy throughout the day, especially when we may not have time to meditate
  • Wear gemstone jewelry and be comfortable by the stone on your skin. It will also send healing vibrations directly to the heart or any other chakras in need of assistance.
  • Place one of these soothing gems under your pillow to rest and relieve you of sleepless nights and negative feelings.
  • Meditate with the crystals for grief or place it on the chakra that needs healing to help For example, people who feel the pain of grief can place an unconditional love crystal into their heart chakra space. Those who need to harness their intuition to overcome this can place one of these finest crystals for grief on their forehead to touch the third eye, and so on.

Conclude about Crystal for Grief:

Grief seems endless, and in the darkest of times, we really need to find some kind of kindness and strength deep within us. Time will help heal those raw wounds, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find sweetness along the way. We hope these crystals for grief can help you find positivity and the loving energy that keeps you uplifted and connected with the promise of returning some inner peace along the way. Feelings of sadness, shock, anger, and despair can overwhelm you when you’re grieving. These crystals of grief will help you through this difficult period. They will encourage you to forgive and accept the changing rhythms of life, and support and comfort you along the way.

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