Best WINDOWS 10 Laptops Under $500 To Buy This Holiday Season

I was probably looking for the best laptop under $500, but it was put on hold because I ran out of cash or wasn’t provided. Well, here’s your golden chance to get one of the best laptops.

Check out the best laptops under $500 you can buy today!

Best app tops under $500

The hottest deals on the best laptops under $500 to buy this holiday season.

1. Acer Swift (recommended)

Get this ultra-thin, super-fast 14-inch HD laptop now for just $488.35.

2. HP 17-inch laptop (recommended)

This 17-inch HP notebook has everything you need to handle your daily tasks. Get it now for $499.98.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad


Save $399 today on this powerful laptop with SSD for the low price of $299.99.

4. Lenovo ThinkPad 11E



This portable ultra-compact 11-inch HD laptop is available today. Buy it now for $458.90.

5. HP Notebook


Another powerful laptop in HD with a powerful backlit touch screen display. Get it for just $479.99.

6. Dell Latitude

For just $246.65 you can get this awesome laptop with HDMI, webcam and many more amazing features. Buy it today.

7. Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga



This touchscreen laptop with a powered USB port, webcam, HDMI and multi-touch display is available now for $379.99.

8. Asus

Make this device your primary device with all the speed and features you need. Buy now for $484.99.

9. HP Elite Book

This laptop is available for just $289.43. Grab it today and enjoy its amazing features!

You can’t get a better offer for the best laptop under $500.




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