Batch Cooking: The Smart Way to Save Time

Have you ever heard of batch cooking? Batch cooking is a cooking method that is attracting attention these days, and it is effective for efficiently preparing a healthier diet.
Have you ever heard of batch cooking? Batch cooking is a cooking method that is attracting attention these days, and it is effective for efficiently preparing a healthier diet.

Batch cooking, an unfamiliar term, refers to an unusual cooking method in which food is prepared for a week in one go.

Preparing a large amount of food at once can save time, money, and effort. Below you will find out what exactly batch cooking is and how to do it.

Batch Cooking: A Life-Changing Cooking Method

The essentials of batch cooking are a clean kitchen, thorough planning, and delicious and healthy recipes. This recipe allows you to prepare a week’s worth of food in one day.

But what exactly does this mean? This means you no longer have to suffer from unhealthy diets, hasty food, and worrying about what to eat!

Learn more about the benefits of batch cooking below.

  1. Save time: just heat up the pre-made food and eat it.
  2. A healthier diet: You can take care of your health with a carefully planned and prepared diet that is different from food prepared in a hurry.
  3. Save money: You only buy the ingredients you need according to your plan, reducing wasted food and ingredients.
  4. Clean kitchen: Although it can get dirty on the day you prepare all the dishes for the week, there is no reason to mess around with it as you only need to heat the food at other times.

Batch Cooking: How Do I Start?

First, you need to plan your diet for the week. Decide how many appetizers, main dishes, and side dishes to include.

Once you have decided, make a list of the materials you will need. But first, check your refrigerator and freezer to see if you already have any ingredients.

Remember that you can make several dishes with one ingredient. For example, you can use one type of vegetable as a garnish and use it as an ingredient for soup the next day.

Of course, cooking all afternoon can sound a little daunting. However, from a distance, if you cook food at once like this, you will have more free time afterward.

Various dishes such as stews without potatoes, vegetable dishes, meatballs, etc. can be stored frozen in a container.

But what about salads? Salad can be stored in an airtight container lined with kitchen towels after washing immediately after purchase. The key is to get rid of the moisture so it doesn’t rot.

As for the container, it is good to use a glass airtight container. Don’t forget to put masking tape or sticker on it with the date of creation.

Foods that should not be refrigerated

  • Vegetables to be eaten raw should not be refrigerated.
  • Frozen fruit cannot be eaten frozen. However, it can be used to make smoothies, jams, ice cream, and more.
  • Eggs should not be frozen in their shells. During the freezing process, it expands and the shell may crack. Instead, freeze the beaten egg water in an airtight container.
  • Potatoes, whether frozen raw or cooked, change the texture of the potatoes once they are in the freezer.
  • Dairy foods, such as yogurt and cream-based sauces, change their texture when thawed, but can be used as a base for other dishes.

What are some foods that are good for making in bulk and refrigerated? Let’s take a closer look below.

Tomato sauce, broth, vegetable stew, vegetable soup, and soup base can be made in bulk and stored frozen. Batch cooking requires an oven that can cook large quantities at one time.

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