3 platforms to buy (or sell) items created with 3D printers

One of the possibilities that 3D printers will open up is to do business, either by selling items printed with them, or by giving up the use of our 3D printer to print objects designed by other users.

February 2014. That is the date that many have marked in red on the calendar: the date on which 3D printers will become cheaper and we will see a real explosion of these tools because it is in that month when their patents will expire and they will be able to give the next step towards its democratization.

3 Best Marketplace for 3d Print Items

Among those that have February 2014 marked in red, some have it because of their passion for technology and for the possibilities offered by 3D printers, even the low-cost models we talked about recently. Others, in view, as usual, to do business. And not only manufacturers, not distributors, not even people who have in mind to dedicate themselves full-time to it. There are platforms that make it possible, just as they make it possible to print some objects on time (even from photographs or basic indications of a user without the notion of 3D design).

Makexyz 3d Print Marketplace

In the first place,  makexyz, a service with which we can find owners of 3D printers close to our location and to whom to order prints. If we have a 3D printer, we can appear on their lists and post the approximate fee we plan to charge for each print. If not, but we want to print a model that we have digitized, we only have to choose among the users on that list and request said printing.

Azavy 3d Print Marketplace

Then there’s  Azavy, thought a little differently, more focused on 3D printer owners. And incidentally, with an artistic vocation: Azavy is a service with which to sell items made using 3D printing . A store that also allows you to upload your own designs and obtain a percentage for each sale made with that design.

You3Dit 3D Print Marketplace

Finally,  you3Dit, perhaps the most complete solution of the three. On the one hand, it offers the service for those who simply want their object printed in 3D from a drawing, a photo, or even a description. From this, its designers will generate a 3D CAD file that is delivered to a 3D designer close to the client so that they can give their approval and proceed to printing. On the other hand, it also offers commissions to those same 3D designers, as they are in the process of expansion, as well as to the owners of a 3D printer.

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